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Sleep Coach in Denver

Before we were sleep consultants, we were mothers.

Have you shhhh-ed your baby to sleep until you just about passed out? Embarrassed to leave your house at nap time because of the “measures” you need to take to get your baby to sleep? We’ve been exactly where you are and we’re here to tell you that sleep is possible! 

Kandra Becerra

Founder and Sleep Consultant
Hi, I’m Kandra!

Kandra is the CEO and founder of Rocky Mountain Sleeping Baby. She is a native to Colorado and currently resides in Parker, CO. She is a wife and mother to her two boys Owen and Cody. 

She has a bachelor’s degree from MSU specializing in children. She spent many years as a nanny with a wonderful family and has worked with children on and off for as long as she can remember.

When she was pregnant with her son, Owen she researched everything a preparing mother would. She spent a decent amount of time reading about infant sleep. She felt prepared… she couldn’t have been more wrong.

When Owen was 4 weeks old Kandra and her husband hired a sleep consultant. This consultant brought a print out of a standard schedule for a 6 month old and told Kandra to let her 4 week old cry it out. She was so disappointed with the services she received that she decided to create a business providing parents with exactly what she needed; gentle, 1 on 1 coaching tailored to each family.

Let Kandra help you avoid the mistakes she made. Schedule a call with her today. She would love to help your family restore the health and balance it deserves.

Sarah Levinger

Hello, I’m Sarah!

Sarah Levinger started her journey with pediatric sleep early after her first son was born.

From day one she had a goal of providing herself and her family with quality sleep, which led her to reach out to family friend Kandra Becerra, who worked specifically with babies and toddlers to teach independent sleep skills.

After working with Kandra to help teach their son Max good sleep habits, Sarah became passionate about pediatric sleep and the benefits of starting those habits early in life.

She will complete her pediatric sleep certification in July, and join the Rocky Mountain team to help other families find the rest they need.

Currently she is snuggling her newborn son Jack, and enjoying time with her two and a half year old son Max and husband Casey in their hometown of Fort Collins, Colorado. 

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