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I remember the anxiety I felt every night as we approached Niall’s bedtime.

Getting him to stay asleep at bedtime was a challenge, and I often would cry as I then went to wash the dishes I had hoped to wash hours ago. Our nights were spent repeatedly feeding and soothing him back to sleep, leaving us with only a few hours of sleep ourselves. Our exhaustion made it impossible to manage work, our marriage, and everyday life. Our family was falling apart at the seams. I was not prepared for this struggle, nor was it what I had expected as a parent. By the time Niall was 10 months old, we believed that he would never sleep well and were living in a constant state of survival mode.

We were blessed to find Rocky Mountain Sleeping Baby and gently help Niall get the independent sleep we all so desperately needed.

Sleep is a vital need and not a luxury! Our son was quickly thriving and we were able to reach the health and balance we needed as a family. We have since grown into a family of five with the additions of Callen and Elliot. We have enjoyed and been challenged by how truly unique each child is in all things, including sleep!

As a former client and sleep-deprived mother, I understand how confusing and frustrating pediatric sleep can be and how challenging or emotional this time of your life is.

We will work together through this process as a team. I am here to support you in your weakness and celebrate your strength, your struggles are my struggles, your knowledge about your child is vital and valued, and your questions and concerns are important and respected.

It is a great honor to serve your family and my mission is to give you the guidance you need with love, compassion, and devotion. Together, let’s close this exhausting chapter of your lives!

I work with families locally in the Aurora (Denver) area as well as families all over the country! Location will never limit our ability to work together.
Together we will:
  • Help you understand the science of sleep
  • Develop a personalized sleep plan for your child
  • Gently teach your child how to develop independent sleep skills
  • Give you back your personal time and sleep
I look forward to working with your family!
Real parents. Real Situations. Real Results.

Hear what clients have to say about Danielle

We were very skeptical of sleep training, it didn’t work with our first kid. But our 8mo baby was only sleeping 45min to 1hr increments at most throughout the night and we were at our wits end. On the 15min free consultation call, Danielle of Rocky Mountain Sleeping Baby had really good answers to our questions and that made us open to trying it out. We are so glad we did. It literally changed our life. Within days of starting, our baby boy started sleeping through the night (10+hrs!!). Ever since we started the schedule, we are all sleeping again. What a game changer. Danielle was absolutely fantastic and we cannot recommend her enough. She was always very thorough in her explanations, knowledgeable/ provided facts and supporting data, kind, empathetic and understanding, and always there to offer thoughts and support.
Jenny Milwid
We’ve been dealing with our toddler’s bedtime troubles for a year (used to take him up to 2 hours to fall asleep, plus coming to our bed in the middle of the night). We googled and researched everything, we tried every single trick - nothing worked. We were pretty sceptical about hiring a specialist, but we were desperate. And omg, so happy we did! Danielle was absolutely fantastic, the plan they made for us worked wonderfully and we have our evenings back and our toddler happy and well rested. Thank you Rocky Mountain Sleeping Baby!!!
Rasa Zukaite
After 9 months of absolutely no sleep (and reading at least 6 baby sleep books), we decided it was time to reach out for help and get an expert involved. At 9 months old, our baby was waking every 90 minutes at night (only sleeping if we were holding him), starting his day at 4:00 am, and only taking 20-30 minute naps. All of this changed when we met Danielle! She forever changed our family! After an in-depth interview and questionnaire, she composed a personalized sleep plan for our baby. Danielle then explained every step of the night and nap plan and answered any questions we had and made sure we felt comfortable with following the plan. By the third night, he slept through the night for the first time ever!!!!!!!! And he's been doing it every since! And he now starts his day closer to 7:00 am. His naps have improved immensely too! Danielle is the kindest, most patient and supportive person you can have! She is with you every step of the journey! She is there to listen, provide expert advice, wisdom, and words of encouragement. Thank you for making us better parents, partners to each other, and healthy again! Baby thanks you for his restorative sleep too!
Jacqueline Mleczko

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