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Baby Sleep Consultant

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I was a customer before a consultant.

Before my son Niall came into the world, I took various classes and spent hours researching all the things I thought I knew a baby needed. I felt prepared for his big entry into the world. After he was born, I expected a few months of sleep deprivation due to night feedings, but that my son would just figure out how to sleep because it’s natural.

The first few months passed, but Niall continued to fuss all day and feed all night. It was getting impossible to manage the house, work, and a baby who required what felt like endless hours of feeding and soothing to sleep. I was growing depressed, as each day, I had no time for myself and felt like I was just surviving.

I began researching pediatric sleep and asked our friends, family, and pediatrician for advice. All the information about sleep I found was conflicting and everything we tried failed. We felt defeated and continued to feed my 10 month old to sleep throughout the night and struggle for naps all day 

I finally found my lifeline at Rocky Mountain Sleeping Baby. I had a coach to guide me, step by step, on how to get Niall to sleep independently and predictably for naps and throughout the night.

Niall became a joyful, rested baby and I, a happy, rested mother. My husband and I finally had the personal time and quality sleep, we so desperately needed. Soon after getting Niall to be a champion sleeper, we felt confident enough that we were ready for another baby, Callen.

I know first hand how crucial it is for children to learn independent sleep skills and it’s impact on the balance and well-being of the entire family. Sleep is possible and it would be my pleasure to be your partner and personal guide on this journey.

I work with families locally in the Aurora (Denver) area as well as families all over the country! Location will never limit our ability to work together.
Together we will:
  • Help you understand the science of sleep
  • Develop a personalized sleep plan for your child
  • Gently teach your child how to develop independent sleep skills
  • Give you back your personal time and sleep
I look forward to working with your family!

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Book a free, 15-minute consultation call with me today! During this free call, we’ll discuss your child’s specific situation and what I can do to help your family achieve peace and balance.
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