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2-8 Years Old Package

Two years and up can be quite different than infant sleep. Many parents with older children wonder if there is any hope for their child’s sleep issues. The answer is, yes! There is so much hope!   Older children often stop their reliable napping schedules, test boundaries and begin to enjoy the new freedom of a bigger bed.                                           We will cover these challenges – and more! – to ensure your sleep needs are met.

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Our Short & Sweet Package
$ 435
  • - Preliminary evaluation
  • - Private, 90 minute video consultation
  • - 5 follow up calls
  • - 1 week of unlimited e-mail and Voxer support
  • - Comprehensive and personalized sleep plan
  • - “Sleep Tool Kit” sleep tips for the future


Most Popular
$ 635
  • - Preliminary Evaluation
  • - Private, 90 minute video consultation
  • - 5 follow up calls
  • - 3 weeks of unlimited e-mail and Voxer support
  • - Comprehensive and personalized sleep plan
  • - “Sleep Tool Kit” sleep tips for the future
  • - Text message support for bedtime night 1 (until 9pm)
  • - Comprehensive room evaluation
  • - Free 30 minute coaching call in the future
  • - $100 off any future sibling sleep package


$ 1,265
  • - Preliminary evaluation
  • - Private, 90 minute video consultation
  • - 8 follow up calls
  • - 6 weeks of unlimited email and Voxer support
  • - Comprehensive and personalized sleep plan
  • - “Sleep Tool Kit” Sleep tips for the future
  • - Text message support for bedtime nights 1-3 (until 9pm)
  • - Comprehensive Nursery Evaluation
  • - 2 free 30 minute coaching calls in the future
  • $100 off any sibling sleep package

What this package includes:

As a sleep consultant, getting to know every detail of my client’s needs is imperative in determining the appropriate steps needed to improve a child’s sleep habits. This evaluation is child- focused, holistic and tells me everything I need to know to formulate a sleep plan specifically for your child.

Pediatric sleep is a loaded topic, to say the least! I will go over exactly why your child is struggling to sleep (hello, not having to Google anymore!) I am a firm believer in teaching my families WHY we are doing something, before I explain the HOW. I will then walk you through your child’s sleep plan step by step. You will feel empowered to embark on your new sleep training journey.

This is where my success and true customizing comes in. These calls are about 15 minutes. A sleep plan is a nice starting place, but these calls are essential for answering all of your questions and making sure everyone is staying on track.

We try our best to prepare you for any scenario that
may arise in the future. Sleep issues can still happen from time to time. This call is great to use
in the future to stay on track.

Voxer is a great app where you can text me anytime (I respond within my business hours.) You can also use the “walkie-talkie” feature. This is great for my busy parents who don’t have time to sit down to type out a formal email. If we don’t have a call scheduled for a few days, help is always at your fingertips! Struggling with a nap? Want to ensure baby’s awake time is correct? I am here for you!

Your child’s sleep plan will cover everything including, all feeding aspects, bedtime routine, bedtime, night wakings, early morning wake ups, naps, short naps and everything in between! You will never guess if you are doing something incorrectly at 2am. Your preliminary evaluation and our Discovery call combined allow me to make your child’s sleep plan.

So your child has mastered healthy sleep habits. What about the future? During our time together we cover everything from sickness, nap transitions, traveling, time change and so much more! Everything you need to continue the skills learned during sleep training.

Worried about crying? Did something unexpected happen? You can feel totally prepared for everything. And then something throws you off night 1. That is why being available for bedtime support night 1 of my clients sleep training journey is so important to me! You hired me as your sleep consultant, but really it’s the coaching that is so important.

Maybe something in your child’s room is keeping them from sleeping better? We will go through each detail needed to make your child’s room a perfect sleeping environment.

This can be used for any sibling. Younger, or older.

What can you expect from our sleep packages?

After your discovery call, it’s time to book your consultation! Your consultant will give you her next available time to book your private, 90 minute consultation. Once that is confirmed, paperwork will be emailed to you. The paperwork includes an in-depth questionnaire regarding your needs, a client agreement and an invoice. The questionnaire, signed agreement and payment are due 48 hours prior to your consultation time. Once you begin the process of sleep training, please allow 2-3 full weeks of training before traveling. Lastly, don’t change anything with your child’s sleep. Keep rocking, bouncing, snuggling, whatever you’ve been doing! The last thing we want is further confusion or frustration before we start working together. Don’t worry, as soon as we get started, sleep will be on its way for you and your family! 

You will be working very closely with your sleep consultant during your time together. You will have follow-up calls every few days for the first couple of weeks. Follow-up calls allow your consultant to answer questions, discuss challenges and work with you to make any necessary changes. We will also send you a simple, easy-to-fill-out sleep log. The sleep log is very important to our process! It gives your sleep consultant insight into how your child has been doing before your follow-up call. And it ensures that your tired brain doesn’t have to attempt to recall details that all seem to blur together! We also encourage you to communicate with your consultant via daily Voxer exchanges, which are a great way to get more questions answered, even when you don’t have a follow-up call that day.

Our take on sleep training

Let’s talk about “sleep training” as you’ll see this wording throughout our website. We often use “sleep training” because it’s a familiar phrase for many families, but we believe we aren’t training children to do anything – we’re teaching them a vital skill! Therefore, when we discuss our methods, we prefer to use the phrase: “teaching independent sleeping skills.” When done correctly, teaching your child independent sleeping skills creates healthy sleep habits that your child will use for a lifetime!

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