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Frequently Asked Questions

Choosing the right sleep consultant for your family is important. We want to make sure you have all the facts straight before hiring us. Here are some of our most frequently asked questions to help you make the best decision for your sleepy family.

Our team has logged thousands of hours and years of experience working with a broad spectrum of clients seeking gentle sleep solutions for their families. The Rocky Mountain Sleeping Baby founder and CEO, Kandra Becerra, was personally selected from a roster of candidates to participate in an intensive training and mentorship program from one of the world’s leading child sleep experts. 

Our methods are aligned with the best practices recommended by The American Academy of Pediatrics. 

With continuing education, our team stays current on pediatric sleep topics and trends covering a variety of relevant research, from reflux and infant digestion, to safe sleeping practices. Our team is highly knowledgeable with newborn, baby and toddler sleep as well as mutiples sleep, which includes twins, triplets and more!

Absolutely! We have clients from all over the world who are now happy, sleeping families!

Of COURSE! We support breastfeeding – it’s such a great bonding experience for you both, not to mention the health benefits! 

We don’t focus on how you feed your child, just that he’s getting enough to eat and at the right times of day while you’re teaching him to sleep independently.

Co-sleeping or bed sharing is not beneficial to you or your little one while he is learning independent sleep skills. When you are ready to stop co-sleeping because it’s not working for everyone (you, your partner and your baby), then that’s where we come in. The goal is to get baby transitioned to the crib in his room. If putting a baby in his own room is just too hard or not an option due to space, we can definitely work with room sharing!

Each of our team members chose not to do that with our children, so we wouldn’t ask you to do something we haven’t done ourselves! 

To clarify, we do not utilize “cry-it-out” methods, but we know there will be some crying as  babies are too young to use words and tell you they prefer falling asleep with the bottle, on you, rocking, in the swing, etc. Believe us, if  there was magic fairy dust to make it a cry-free experience, we would gladly share it with you! But, as sleep specialists who have worked with thousands of clients, we can optimize your little one’s schedule and choose the best method for your child to minimize crying as much as possible. 

We also encourage you to be in the room, comforting and teaching her how to do it on her own, so you’re not leaving her alone all night.

Remember: once babies learn how to fall asleep on their own – which can happen pretty quickly – the crying goes away!

We have many clients who choose to take a long weekend, from Friday to Monday, to set the foundation for success. Working from home also helps, as it allows you to be with your child during nap time. Ideally, having four days to implement and follow the methods before sharing your new sleep habits with your child’s other caregivers, such as daycare or a nanny, will help a lot. 

Our methods provide plenty of information on how to carry your little one’s sleep success through to your daycare, nanny, etc.!

Absolutely, as long as the symptoms are under control and your baby is comfortable. 

We’ve had many clients whose babies also struggle with reflux. In our consultations, we are happy to share what has worked well for other families!

Our policy is payment in full at the time of your consultation. We are happy to invoice you in installments prior to our consultation, but again, complete payment must be received by the time we have our consultation. Additionally, we do take payment plans via Paypal.

Thursday night works really well for most families as you can begin implementing your baby’s personalized plan before the weekend. Which is why we recommend taking a long weekend beginning on Friday. If that is not possible, starting your sleep plan on Friday night is a close second. 

A night nurse or night nanny provides nighttime interaction with a baby, which reduces parent involvement when baby should be sleeping. The goal is to get and keep your baby sleeping, whether by feeding, rocking, holding or bouncing, the night nurse or night nanny will use whatever they can to help your baby achieve sleep. However, all these methods do not teach your baby to sleep. Night nannies serve a great purpose but our services just look different.

As sleep consultants, we partner with parents to teach your child how to sleep, which is a skill that will benefit you, your baby and your entire family. You get to experience the benefits of teaching your child to sleep for years to come, and your child learns a skill that will last a lifetime!

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