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Do It!

- C. Boyce

DO IT. I can’t say enough about how much Darcey helped us. My son was a great sleeper up until the 6 month mark, and then he was up every hour, and would only go back to sleep if I nursed him to sleep. Naps were usually car rides or in our arms, and it was impossible while working full time. My son slept through the night, on the second night!!!!!!!

He has slept through the night every night since. He lays down for naps now and consistently takes his two naps a day. Darcey was super responsive and answered the 100 questions I had! She was extremely flexible with changes or concerns I brought to the table. We questioned for a long time if we should sleep train him and is it worth the money…. coming from someone who is sleeping more than a hour at night now, 100%.

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Seamless and Easy

- K. Butterfield

Thank you so much to Alex at Rocky Mountain Sleeping Baby! Our three year old son had regressed in his sleeping and we were at our wits end…he was sleeping like a newborn. Working with Alex was seemless and easy.

She walked us through each night and kept encouraging us to stay the course! By night 10, my son was sleeping through the night without night wakings and staying in his bed. We needed a slow, consistent approach and Alex delivered! Sleep deprivation is real and we are so thankful to have our son sleeping through the night!

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Assisted Me with Compassion

- K. Horne

Darcey helped give me the tools I needed to train my 7 month old to sleep all night. He would nurse throughout the night and slept with me.

Now he sleeps in his own bed and has a sleep schedule. Darcey was so patient and answered all my fears and questions. She assisted me with compassion. She was so helpful I hired her for my 3 year old daughter too. Going to bed and nighttime routines were so difficult with my daughter. I would highly recommend hiring her if you are having any sleep issues with your child. You will not regret it. I thought my children would be impossible to train.

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Sleep Program Rescues Wife

- J. Collins

We have our lives back—thank you, Kandra and Rocky Mountain Sleeping Baby! 

Before working with Kandra, our baby, Carter, had taken my place in the bedroom. My wife was the only one who could get him to sleep, so she was basically a captive in our home from 7pm to 7am. He woke several times every night. My wife hadn’t had a full night of sleep for 18 months. Our routine involved her waking me up around 6am so that she could get a couple hours of sleep. This meant that I spent the first two hours of my day taking care of my toddler alone; and usually after those two hours I was exhausted.

Now Carter is just as happy to have me put him to sleep in his crib. He’s on a healthy, consistent napping and sleeping routine. He sleeps through the night, and he looks forward to our nightly rituals. He has also become less clingy to his mom during the day. We had avoided any sleep methods because we were afraid that he would be traumatized and his personality would change. Having Kandra’s daily guidance and support to get through the program gave us the understanding and perspective to see that this would be an improvement not just for us but for Carter as well. He is now happier than ever.

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- J. Collins

Kiddo Gets the Sleep He Needs

My wife and I have our evenings back! And even better, our 8-month old is finally getting the sleep he needs. Kandra developed a plan that we were happy with and that worked for our family. She guided us through the first few weeks and gave us tips for issues that will arise down the road. It was so nice working with a mom who’s been there. Thanks so much, Kandra!

- L. Lippert

3 Year Old Independent Sleep Success Story

Our almost 3 year old has never been a “great” sleeper. We tried sleep training at various times over the last 2+ years, slightly different strategies depending on the book I was reading at the time. Some strategies didn’t feel right so we didn’t follow through, some would work for a while until the next time he got sick, and then we were back to square one. We moved a year ago into our current home and since then, bedtime had progressively become longer and longer and later and later. By the time we connected with Kandra, our bedtime routine was taking up to 3 hours, our son wasn’t even falling asleep until almost 11 pm, and he was waking multiple times through the night. We were all exhausted, including the dog! Kandra’s sleep plan for us and the support and guidance that she offered, was exactly what we needed. She developed a plan that really met us and our son at the place that we were instead of trying to jump 10 steps ahead in one night. We gave our son the comfort of knowing that we were right there with him, but the room and structure to build the skills to fall asleep on his own. We are only 3 weeks out from our very first phone call with Kandra, and so much has changed. Our son is going to bed early, sleeping through the night, no longer sleep walking during naps, and he is even eating and listening to us better than before! We are sleeping, we have evenings to get things done around the house or relax, and we have the energy to exercise again! We are so grateful to Kandra for her guidance and support, and we are confident that this current plan will withstand the next cold, daylight savings time, or any other bumps that have thrown us off course in the past. 

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- M.L.

Baby Back on Track

Kandra has personal experience that drove her to start Rocky Mountain Sleeping Baby. After months of difficulty with sleep with her newborn, she decided to help other moms prevent an overtired baby. With my 7-week old in a similar situation due to lack of proper nutrition, Kandra has given great tips and tricks to get us back on track. She is a great resource for new moms like me!

- M. Galloway

A Unique Plan

Before working together, she was waking up every 2-3 hours during the night and was very fussy during the day. She is now sleeping 10-12 hrs at night and napping between 4-5 hours per day. She is so much happier during her awake time! I liked your very thorough and well laid-out plan. I love that you modified the plan specifically for the nanny as well. We have already recommended it to other new parents. The first couple of nights are rough, but it’s so worth it!

- L. Huff

Co-sleeping Unsuccessfully at 18 Months

I never intended to co-sleep, but when it proved that my baby was not a natural sleeper and woke every 2-3 hours far beyond the newborn phase, it just seemed like an easier alternative than walking across the hall a thousand times per night. By 18 months, though, I was pretty fed up. I was working during the day and was always exhausted, and my toddler still woke several times per night. During the day, his nap schedule was all over the map—sometimes he would fall asleep a couple hours after waking, and other times he would fight a nap all day until right before bedtime! I was at my wit’s end, and that’s when Kandra Becerra came in!

When I began working with Kandra, I was vehemently against any sleep-training method that involved my son crying, so even though I read several “gentle parenting” books, I would give up any time it seemed like he was even a bit uncomfortable. My baby is a gentle, happy, snuggling little man, and I worried that a bout of traumatic sleep-training would change his personality. Before our initial consultation, Kandra had us fill out a questionnaire to help her understand our son and his unique sleeping habits and props. For 18 months, my son needed me (and only me; my husband would be met with extreme displeasure) lying beside him (nursing for 16 months, snuggling the full 18) to fall asleep, and he needed to be playing with my hair. He also demanded bottles even though we had been struggling to wean him from them. Kandra helped us to understand that this habit was unsustainable and unhealthy—we weren’t letting him learn any self-soothing techniques because I always stepped in to soothe him until he had fallen asleep.

Kandra quickly presented us with a tailored sleeping plan for Carter that addressed his individual needs. It allowed for us to stay in HIS OWN ROOM with him and touch him when he needed it, which put all of us at ease. We continued using a “key catchphrase” that reminded him that we were there and that it was time to sleep. For the first time in his life, he was sleeping in his crib, and it was so much more painless than I could have imagined. It wasn’t always a piece of cake—there were times that we had to wear noise-cancelling headphones while we assured him that we were there and loved him and that it was time to sleep. Other nights, he would fall asleep within minutes, without a peep. Last night marked two weeks of this process, and our darling baby boy went to sleep at 8pm without a peep and woke up at 8am as happy as he has ever been. (This morning he woke up babbling “mama, mama, mama” cheerfully until I came to get him.)

For the first time in 18 months, my husband and I are sharing a room alone again. I am over the moon to be sleeping again, and we are all happier and healthier because of it. We all feel that Kandra’s expertise has been such an incredible gift to our family and I don’t know where we would be without her. I recommend Kandra and her tailored programs to anyone who needs to improve their lives and teach their child an important life lesson: how to sleep! 

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- K. Collins

4 Months Without Sleep … Then We Found Kandra!

Kandra has been an absolute blessing to our family! Our son, at the time four months, was waking up every 30 mins to an hour and a half around the clock. We would spend an hour or hours sometimes rocking or nursing him to sleep and would set him in his crib just to have him startle awake to restart the process. My husband, son and I were all starting to suffer and struggle from sleep deprivation. 

At our four month doctor’s appointment our pediatrician voiced his concern for the lack of sleep our son was getting and how it is not healthy for him. He recommended a book to read which was 600 pages. With no sleep and frustration it was just not working for us.

In total desperation I called Kandra and she came to the rescue! She helped us so much, listened to our story and situation and helped us come up with a sleep plan for Logan – and not just every text book situation – but to Logan’s needs and age.

It was a hard process for us all and took some time. But within a few weeks our son was sleeping 4-8 hours at a time and in most cases just waking once at night for a feeding! Due to him being a short napper he has four naps throughout the day to ensure he is not an overtired mess in the evenings for bedtime. Kandra and her process work that’s all there is to it!

It’s been almost a month and we get two 6 hour stretches of sleep at night and even a few 8 hours all at once!!! We are now dedicated sleep schedule parents because it works so well for our son and we are now all doing so much better! Our son is much happier now and we can’t say enough great things about Kandra. If you have a bad sleeper at any age I am 100% confident she can help your family. She is also amazing at follow up and support should you need it.

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- S. Hittesdorf

Champion Sleeper Gets Restless

My son slept like a champion until he was four months old. At that time, my family relocated from overseas which set off two months of short naps and constant night wakings. I never knew how desperate sleep deprivation felt until going through it myself. Kandra devoted her time to learn about my son and his sleeping issues. I really liked the survey she had me fill out. It was thorough and I could tell she used the information to create a roadmap that I could easily follow. She developed a personal plan for my son and we worked together for two weeks to make positive changes. I immediately saw these changes from the first night we worked together. Not only does my son have long naps during the day, she helped him learn the skills to sleep through the night. When I put him down at 7pm after our bedtime routine, he does not wake up for at least 11 hours. I am a completely different person now than I was a few months ago. I’m so thankful to Kandra for guiding me through a very difficult time. As a new Mom, all I want in the world is a happy, healthy baby. I cannot recommend her sleeping services enough. She’s worth absolutely every penny. You will not regret the time and money you spend with her! Not to mention she’s super cute and fun and makes this whole process worthwhile! Good luck to you as you go through your sleep journey.

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- K. Kough

30 Minute Cat Napper to Great Sleeper

Kandra helped get my chronic 30 minute cat napper to take actual naps! He now has a great napping routine with a stress free bedtime! My little guy is now a happy baby that gets the rest he so desperately needed! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

- K. Dean

“I just wish I did it sooner!”

I came to Kandra with an 11 month old who was waking up every 2 hours, and wanted to be breastfed back to sleep. She had never slept through the night and was taking naps in her swing. Kandra gave me a schedule for her and a plan to keep her sleeping in my room, as we aren’t ready to move her into her sister’s room yet. I followed her plan to the letter and she has been sleeping through the night since night 3 of sleep training, and takes her naps in her crib now. It was nowhere near as hard as I feared it would be. I feel like I have my life back- it has been completely life changing for me. She is a great sleeper now! If you are on the fence – do it! I just wish I did it sooner.

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- Melissa

Never Sleep Again?

I have been absolutely thrilled with Kandra’s advice. She is a life saver when you think your child is never ever going to sleep again.

- T. Wetter

Pediatrician Prescribes Sleep, Kandra Helps Achieve It!

At my daughters 6 month check up our pediatrician let us know that she wasn’t getting the amount of sleep that she required. It wasn’t a matter of putting up with the night wakings and nonexistent naps, something really needed to be done. He told me to contact Kandra and I am so glad I did! I didn’t realize the lack of sleep that was happening. She is happier than I have ever seen her!

- R. Merra

Well-rested Family of Three

From the start, we knew working with Kandra would be a life changing experience! She helped us understand what our baby needed right from the start, and gave us the tools we needed to create good sleeping habits from day 1. Now our son is the talk of our moms group – the only baby sleeping steadily at night, and happy/not overtired during the day! We can’t thank Kandra enough for her kindness and willing spirit! Our well-rested family of three is so grateful.

- S. Levinger

Twins Sleeping Through the Night!

I called Kandra when I hit rock bottom. I have 2 year old twins that have never slept well. I slept on the floor with them each night on a mattress. I would have to rub their tummies over and over to fall asleep and every time they woke up. I was exhausted and couldn’t do it anymore. Kandra was such a pleasure to work with! She throughly explained everything and gave my husband and I the confidence to help our girls. They were sleeping through the night before we knew it! Kandra’s constant encouraging words made such a difference. The best part was being with them while falling asleep. We couldn’t leave them to Cry It Out and that was never expected of us. Kandra we are so grateful to you. You literally changed out lives!

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- K. Meyers

Why Didn’t I Do This Sooner?

Why didn’t I do this sooner?!? society made me feel like any form of sleep training would permanently scar my child forever. I am so glad I made the decision to work with Kandra anyways. She made this process so easy. Seriously, what are you waiting for. Give her a call, you won’t regret it!

- M. Donna

Life Changing

Life changing…seriously. Kandra is a miracle worker! I had come to terms that nothing would ever work. I followed everything that was in my sons plan and we saw almost immediate results. We are so thrilled!

- O. House

Kandra is a Natural with Kids

My 9 month old continued to wake 3-4x every night. Everyone would tell me how normal this was. Normal or not, everyone was completely exhausted. Kandra was so easy to trust with this process. She is a natural when it comes to working with kids. My daughter slept through the night on the 3rd night for the first time in her life, I couldn’t believe it! We are over the moon with the progress we have seen.

- H. Dough

I Thought I Knew A Lot About Babies and Sleep!

I thought I knew a lot about babies and sleepas my first child was an awful sleeper and I did plenty of research. My second baby was completely different and threw me for a loop when, after 3 months of great sleep, she started waking every 2 hours. Kandra was so knowledgeable, personable, and encouraging and provided me with more help than I even thought I needed. She was quick to respond and continued to check on our progress and answer any questions I had. We were able to get our babe sleeping 10-11 hour stretches and even sleeping in beyond that. Helping a child learn to sleep is not always easy and I am so glad I had Kandra available to help guide me through it! 

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- G. Goodbrand

Process is Worth It’s Weight in Gold!

We hadn’t slept in 3 years, me or my now 3 year old. I had to do something once she dropped her nap and I was no longer able to get my much needed nap in!! Enter, Kandra from Rocky Mountain Sleeping Baby and all of our lives changed dramatically!! We are less than 2 weeks into sleep training and our toddler is on a roll with 4 nights of no waking AND we’re able to finish our bedtime routine and leave her awake in her bed at night and she is falling asleep on her own!!! THIS IS LIFE CHANGING!! I was concerned that she was too stubborn, strong-willed or resistant to change and sleep training but the process has been like magic. A great balance of plenty of loves and cuddles at bed-time but also some clear boundaries and expectations that have worked beautifully!!

This process is worth it’s weight in gold!!! 

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- L. Gross

An Absolute Godsend

Kandra’s sleep training advice and coaching was an absolute godsend! For 15 months my son struggled to sleep. We tried reading some sleep books and also attempted our own go at “the fading” method. Nothing was working. He was up every night crying, crying, crying, and nursing, then up at 4:30 or 5am to start the day. We were exhausted. After 2 difficult nights our son began to sleep. Now, 2 weeks later, we do our bed time routine, kiss, hug, then he leans towards the crib to be laid down and tells us “night night” without any crying at all. Then he sleeps until 6 or 7am. I can’t even believe it. I never thought this was possible for us as I was just certain we got a ‘bad sleeper’. The transition for me was more difficult than I anticipated. I had slept with my son before this so it was a hard change for me. Kandra helped coach me through my feelings and now I couldn’t be happier. Best of all, my son is happier now that he is finally getting some rest! I don’t regret a single penny and would recommend her to any parents out there that are ready to get back to some sleep! Your child CAN sleep! 

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- S. McDonough

She’ll Give You a Couple Hours Back at Night!

I’m so grateful I found Kandra through my Google search as I was wanting to establish and lay the foundation for good sleep habits now for my LO, BUT also have it pay dividends in the future. Kandra was a terrific partner customizing a sleep plan for my little one, and I’m so pleased with the results. Oh, and when Kandra says she’ll give you and your boyfriend/husband a couple hours back at night, she’s serious! Thank you Kandra!

- A. Clayton

Kandra Provides Such Personable Support!

My six month old was up every 2-3 hours each night and had to be rocked and/or fed back to sleep. Now, she can self-soothe herself to sleep and has been sleeping 11-12 hours per night since night TWO of Kandra’s plan. Kandra was available for any questions and provided great and personable support throughout the two-week plan. Thank you, Kandra!

- A. Gail

We Didn’t Even Think It Was Possible!

Although skeptical at first, my husband and I decided to try sleep training after reaching our tipping point on Christmas night. We had put our 6-month-old daughter to bed at a reasonable time – AKA nursed, rocked, army marched, sang, etc. – and 15 minutes later she was up crying. Repeat: rock, march, sing, etc. For three hours she continued to wake up every 15 minutes and we would have to repeat the whole process. The worst part was that this was a pretty average night for us. Our daughter just wasn’t sleeping. I was nursing every two to three hours at night, and she would fuss and cry unless we helped get her get back to sleep. Then we would put her down in her bassinet and she would wake up again. Not to mention during the day she was only giving us 30 minute naps in her swing. For naps, we would have to sit behind the swing and jiggle it, tap it, shake it, etc. until she would fall asleep. We thought we just had a bad sleeper; a little girl who was always so alert and excited that she just couldn’t sleep because she wanted to be part of the action. Well, we were so wrong.

After two weeks with Kandra, our daughter is now sleeping through the night (from about 7pm to 6am) with an occasional nursing session. And during the day she is giving us two solid naps (2hrs+ for her first nap and around an hour for her second nap). Our baby girl actually loves naps! We didn’t even think it was possible!

Kandra was professional, personable, and responsive during the whole process. She gave us the tools we needed to help our daughter learn how to fall asleep on her own – making us both feel a bit more in control and confident about our new roles as parents. The controlled crying process was definitely challenging… there were tears (mostly from me) and frustrating moments, but it absolutely paid off in the end.

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- L. Rayburn

My Husband and I Have Our Evenings Back

We were hesitant to hire someone to help with our 2 year old’s sleep issues, but after trying literally what felt like everything I reached out to Kandra. I wish I would have done so a long time ago! My husband and I have our evenings back and more importantly our son is getting the sleep he needs. We have even noticed a big improvement in his overall behavior and attitude. Kandra was so supportive and encouraging from the first phone call all the way through the process. She was patient and understanding about my anxieties and really catered to our son’s specific needs. I highly recommend her! She’s the best! We now have a routine that works for us and our son and our entire family is getting the rest we need. 

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- A. Nightengale

We Couldn’t Be Happier

My husband and I were desperately seeking answers on how to get our little one to GO TO SLEEP. Reading articles, books & getting advice from friends and family – we tried EVERYTHING! I eventually did a search on Sleep Training coaches (it was time for us to tackle this issue head-on) and Rocky Mountain Sleeping Baby popped up. I read one review that said that their child was sleeping the night through within 3 days of starting and clicked send message right away to learn more. Within the week, we spoke with Kandra who answered all of our initial questions (we were still hesitant) but scheduled our 90 min consultation. After our consultation, (we were still hesitant) I literally laughed out loud when Kanda said stick to the plan and your baby will be sleeping through the night within 3 days. Well, 5 days, 2 well rested parents and 1 happy child sleeping 11 hours a night later, we couldn’t be happier! Hands down the best decision we’ve made for our baby – EVER. 

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- O. Morales

Sleep Trained Kiddo Needed a Refresh

We did sleep training on our own and it went well. But, a few months later, we realized that our kiddo still had some sleep challenges and we did not know how to tackle them on our own. We hired Kandra to help us identify what to do so our kiddo could wake up rested and happy. Kandra provided us with simple and tangible changes to our routine and the impact was huge! Our kiddo woke up rested and happy, and got more sleep! Her recommendations were specific to us and our routine, and to our kiddos’ needs. I would definitely work with her again and highly recommend her. If you are on the fence about hiring her, just do it… will not regret your kiddo and you getting more sleep! 

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- K. James

Days & Nights Mixed Up ... Until Kandra!

I am so happy I reached out to Kandra when I did. My 2 month old son had his days and nights mixed up. I tried everything I could to switch them on my own but nothing worked. Her tips and advice helped and within two nights he was sleeping at night instead of having a period of 3-5 hours awake. The same week this problem was solved, he started to take 30 minute cat naps that led to an exhausted baby, she guided me through that and now he is taking longer naps as well. In a nutshell, she helped us switch his day and nights helping him sleep 4-5 hour stretches at night and has improved his daytime sleeping significantly. It was definitely worth hiring Kandra and I’m sure our little guy would agree. 

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- E. Heredia

Improvement in Kiddo’s Attitude – Because of Sleep!

We were hesitant to hire someone to help with our 2 year old’s sleep issues, but after trying literally what felt like everything I reached out to Kandra. I wish I would have done so a long time ago! My husband and I have our evenings back and more importantly our son is getting the sleep he needs. We have even noticed a big improvement in his overall behavior and attitude. Kandra was so supportive and encouraging from the first phone call all the way through the process. She was patient and understanding and really catered to our son’s specific needs. I highly recommend her! She’s the best! 

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- A. Nightengale

2 Year Old Self-Soothing to Sleep

Kandra is incredible at what she does! She created a custom plan to transition our 24 month old into her room and crib. She was self soothing herself to sleep for the first time ever after 2 years of co-sleeping and nursing throughout the entire night! She made us so comfortable through the process and I was so happy to have her by our side. This has been a life changing experience and I am so happy we made the leap to hire Kandra! Thank you, thank you!!

- E. Grimes

Finally, Long Predictable Naps!

I am able to write this review only because my 6 month old is soundly sleeping during one of her long and predictable naps. Before Kandra’s help, I was of the mindset that I wanted my baby to “go with the flow” and “be able to sleep anywhere.” I was also waking up with her 4 times a night, sometimes more, and nursing her to sleep because I didn’t know what else to do. I was too tired to even try to get things done with her or go out. Kandra laid out a detailed plan to improve my baby’s sleep quality, and while it took some dedication, she got the hang of her new sleep routine VERY quickly, within 3 days. I also learned that she wasn’t getting nearly as much sleep as she needed. She now sleeps 11 hours per night, and has 3 regular naps per day. She wakes up happy and playful, and I have learned to recognize her tired cues, and know exactly what she needs to prevent her from becoming overtired and fussy. Best of all, we all sleep through the entire night! This is my second child, and I’ve read many of the sleep books, but my advice is, if you are struggling with your child’s sleep, give Kandra a try. Nothing compares to having an expert who you can call or email whenever you have a question. 

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- E. Reinhard

Kandra is an Absolute Gift

Kandra is an absolute gift. In 3 weeks, she helped us through the hardest transition period we’ve ever gone through as a family and made sure it was a total success. Kandra’s custom program got us in the right mindset and provided us the tools and guidance we needed to move our 9 month old from full-time co-sleeping (all night AND naps) to her own crib. During our time together we also had to wean from breastfeeding (my supply was going down and she was refusing supplementation), went through a round of shots, dealt with daylight savings time, and she embarked on one of the biggest developmental leaps in the books (standing and sitting). It was a wild 3 weeks and Kandra knew how to deal with every surprise we threw her way. I was very skeptical about sleep training and was only open to it as a last resort, but Kandra ended up being such a godsend when we were so burnt out and needing a change. She was so knowledgeable, consistent, and responsive. She truly cared about our baby girl and my emotional health getting through the process, and I’m happy to report that our baby girl now sleeps through the night (12-13 hours a night) and naps twice a day in her own crib. Kandra gave us more support and tools than I ever dreamed, and we’ve come out a changed family. Most importantly, our baby girl is happier and healthier than ever! 

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- J. Beck

Pediatrician Reccomends Kandra

Thank goodness our pediatrician gave us Kandra’s card! After sitting on it for a couple of weeks and too many sleepless nights – I finally picked up the phone and made the call. I couldn’t be happier that I did. Asking for help doesn’t come easy to me – but we were struggling night after sleepless night – which was making for one exhausted family. (we have two toddlers 17 months apart and they each have presented some serious sleep challenges. ) In just a few weeks – our daughter is back sleeping in her crib, through the night, during naps and wakes up at a decent time. We even weened her from her bottle at the same time! What seemed impossible is now the norm. Kandra takes her job seriously – she followed up with me constantly and supported and guided us through each step of the way. I will be recommending her to anyone I think that could benefit from her services. Having a well-rested family changes everything. Thank you Kandra! 

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- J. Dahl

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