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As long as I could remember, I wanted to be a mom. I grew up with much younger siblings and cousins and always felt I had a natural maternal instinct and understanding for small children.

When I became pregnant with my first son in 2018, I never felt unprepared or nervous for the day he’d come into the world. I had several friends already with children who shared their daily routines and what to expect as a new parent.  I especially remember a conversation with my best friend after she had her daughter 6 months before I was due. She explained her sweet little newborn would feed every 2 hours and then would be placed in her swing where she’d instantly fall asleep and wake again after another 2 hours to repeat the process. I thought, “Oh, wow, that’s so simple. I am totally ready for that.”  My son, Anthony, must have heard this conversation and decided to have his own ideas once born!

Anthony would scream if he were put down, even for a second, which meant I sat up in my bed all night long, holding or nursing my newborn so he would sleep.

I would get up the next morning determined to have a better night.  It never came. My child wanted to be in his mama’s arms 24/7, and I was becoming a prisoner to the couch. If he wasn’t sleeping, he was crying so, I would give in and nurse him, rock him, and do whatever it took to get him to fall asleep on me, and then there on the couch, I would stay. All-day long.

The nights were worse. My husband and I felt forced to take shifts each night, where we’d be up every hour with a crying baby.  We were never able to go to bed together, let alone have any down time together. Not being together at night was extremely hard for me as I felt so incredibly lonely during the days and still could not have much adult interaction at night.

My mental health started to suffer. I felt stressed, overwhelmed, inexplicably exhausted, and knew something needed to change. 

When Anthony was 3.5 months old, I already knew what we needed was professional help in sleep training our son.  I found Rocky Mountain Sleeping Baby right away and scheduled my call at that moment.

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That first call gave me the hope and reassurance I needed that we would all sleep again.

 With their help, I received step-by-step guidance on how to get Anthony to sleep independently and consistently.  Our household was changed for the better.  Anthony became a vibrant and happy baby, and my husband and I were given back the alone time we so needed at the end of a long day. 

After having my second son 20 months later, I applied the same rules of sleep with him and found a much smoother and rested transition – What a relief!

Sleep is so vital to our mind, body and souls, and I, first-hand, know the impacts of poor sleep coursing through the entire household.  Sleep is a science, and any child can achieve great sleep with the right skills and tools. I would love nothing more than to join you and your family to getting the rest everyone needs and deserves. 

On this journey, together, we will:

  • Help you understand the fundamentals towards rested sleep
  • Build a step by step plan for your child’s sleep
  • Teach your child independent sleep skills for life
  • Give you back some freedom and the rest you deserve as a parent!

I look forward to hearing your story and inspiring your journey!

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