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I remember feeling like a failure after the first couple months our daughter was born.“She just won’t sleep outside our arms…”

I would try to make others understand. In fact, she lost her voice in the hospital from crying so hard anytime we had to set her down. At home, the sleep deprivation quickly set in as our newborn just wanted to be held and would sleep for less than an hour at a time. 

l would get the same answers back to my pleas- “you need to {insert basic answer here}!”, “that’s why I didn’t hold my baby- they get used to you doing that!”,

and my favorite reply: “Welcome to motherhood!”. This was motherhood? I started wondering if I could survive this secret club while I felt so alone. As she grew older, I became obsessed with trying to figure out how to get her some rest. I purchased popular infant sleep programs that promised me results if I followed their step by step methods. 

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I was first a client of Rocky Mountain Sleeping Baby, and that was the first time we felt a sense of relief.

 I had an actual individualized plan along with a knowledgable person empathizing with my struggles and answering all my questions along the way.  My passion for the science of infant sleep never left, and I continued my journey in becoming a certified consultant to help others. I would feel honored to meet you and help you and your family get some rest!



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