Marin Epp

Certified Pediatric Sleep Coach

Pediatric Sleep Coach

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I have a bachelor’s degree in Psychology from the University of Colorado and  I previously worked as a Pediatric Counselor for twelve years before becoming certified as a Sleep Consultant.
I currently reside in Castle Rock, Colorado with my husband, my dog, and two children born in 2016 and 2018.

When my first child was born, I was not prepared for how detrimental sleep deprivation would be for me. An overtired child who cried hours on end led me to feel helpless, depressed and inadequate. Well meaning friends and relatives told me it was “normal”, it will get better, or laughed off my concerns as a rite of passage into parenting.
I felt anxious, angry all the time and incredibly tired. Postpartum depression and anxiety were exasperated by my lack of sleep. Additionally, I knew that my son wasn’t getting the sleep he needed to thrive.

With a lot of coffee and some hard work, we finally learned how to get some better sleep. The clouds lifted and I felt I had a better grasp on being a mother, wife and my own person again. I knew I wanted to be able to help other parents who may be feeling sleep deprived and frustrated like I had been.

When we work together it will be a team approach. I may be the expert on sleep, but you are the expert on your child. We will work together to implement a plan for your family. I am a parent, just like you. I understand the love you have for your child and I want you to feel comfortable with the process that we establish.
Real parents. Real Situations. Real Results.

Hear what clients have to say about Marin

Marin is a lifesaver. My 19 month old had a big sleep regression when I brought home our new baby. Marin got him back on track within a couple of days. And his screaming and fighting naps/ bedtime resolved quickly. Couldn't have been more impressed with her knowledge and expertise...not to mention her very sweet and likeable personality.
I wish I found Marin sooner. I followed a recommendation and used Sleepily Ever After for my twins and have gone from inconsistent and opposite sleep times, to 12 hours of sleep at night at the same time, with awesome naps. Marin offered support and encouragement the whole way, and talked out any concerns or hiccups we encountered. Within 2 weeks, I had two happy twins.
Marin changed our lives. I had a tough 10 month old who I truly thought would never sleep through the night. We had to rock him to sleep every time. Within 3 days he was putting himself to sleep without being rocked, sleeping through the night and taking perfect naps throughout the day.

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