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When my son Henry was born, it felt like he never slept — and neither did anyone else!

I dreaded the feeling of waking to his cries after falling asleep for what seemed like only minutes. Day or night, I found myself walking in the same circle, hoping he would drift off in time for me to get another short nap.

I know what it feels like to be anxious in the middle of the night, when there’s a full day ahead and no answer in sight. What I wouldn’t have given to just check into a hotel for a night to catch up on sleep!

Devoted to helping my son and my family, I read every baby book, article, and baby “sleep hack” I could find, “Pin”, or “Like.” Navigating conflicting advice became a new job in itself. Even more confusing were conversations with friends and family when discussing early sleep habits. Everyone’s strong opinion seemed to contradict another’s, leaving us back where we started. 

What I needed was a lifeline who could empathize, educate and encourage me to not give up and settle for living life in a daze.

It was in those moments that I knew I wanted to find a way to support others on this journey. If you are overwhelmed with information and sleep deprived, but committed to finding answers that work for your family, I’m a certified baby sleep consultant in Johnson County, in the suburbs of Kansas City. I can help you.

  • I want to teach you the science of sleep. 
  • I want to coach you on how to get your child to put themselves to sleep.
  • I want to help you move past those middle of the night wake ups that make you want to hide under your blanket!
  • And I want to give you and your loved ones your evenings back.
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I would be thrilled to be your partner and guide in this journey.

When I had my daughter, Margot, I quickly learned firsthand that no two babies are alike. When we begin our work together, I will review all the factors that could be contributing to your baby’s sleep challenges and develop a personalized coaching and sleep plan. 

Real parents. Real Situations. Real Results.

Hear what clients have to say about Darcey

"Darcey is so kind and knowledgeable. Our 7 month old went from waking 4-5x per night to sleeping through the night in just a few nights. He has a predictable nap schedule and we are finally able to spend time with our older kids in the evening after baby is in bed. We are so grateful!"
"Darcey with Rocky Mountain Sleeping Baby is a dream! She gets it! I wish we would have called sooner. I thought there was no help for our 3 year old who has never slept well. He is now sleeping through the night for the first time in his life!"
"We loved working with Darcey! She is a mama herself and it is obvious she understands the needs of tired parents. We really enjoyed working with her!"

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Book a free, 15-minute consultation call with me today! During this free call, we’ll discuss your child’s specific situation and what I can do to help your family achieve peace and balance.
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