Staying Consistent with Sleep Training

Baby Boot Camp:
Sleep training should be prefaced with a sleep deprivation boot camp. When we are in the throughs of no sleep night after night, we would be well prepared. I have often thought if only we could bank some extra sleep from those naps, or mornings we had the luxury of sleeping in pre-child, it would be so much easier to get through sleep training. 

Instead, we are not only tired, but we are also filled with self-doubt, and questioning if we are choosing the right solution for our baby. Then we really add on to that by going online to see what other parents are doing and get lost in the rabbit hole of perfect parents, or we are terrified to ask a question for fear of being judged. 

Facing the Truth:
I am going to be honest with you here because I believe in honesty and I think you need to hear this; you can do this. All you have to do is believe in yourself and trust the process. Your little one is ready, the big question is “are you?”

Get comfortable. Get confident. You got this! This is what you have been preparing for while waiting for your little one to arrive. As soon as you met your baby you knew without a doubt that you would do anything for them, no matter what. Remember that feeling and have faith and patience that this is going to work, and it will. 

The Answer Key:
You have heard the phrase that consistency is key, and that is true. Get a little charm shaped like a key, or a little drawing of a key that you can keep close by and look at so when you are feeling doubt, or frustration, you can look at it, or feel it, and know that this process is worth it, and the key will open the door to great things at the end of the training. 

Educating yourself is also a key element (see what I did there?) Your sleep consultant will help you understand the important pieces to remember while going through sleep training: 

  • Learning the importance of sleep (not only for baby, but for you, too!)
  • Working through tough changes where your baby will cry, and sticking to the process no matter how hard it is to not give in. 
  • Finding the right method for you (and your partner) that you can follow through on even when challenges arise. 


Happy Baby, Happy Parent:
We all know that sleep is important, and it is essential in the development our babies. During the first few months of our babies’ lives, their sleep schedule will change often as they work out a consistent routine. When they are between 13 to 15 pounds, or 6 months old, sleeping through the night should be the norm. 

When babies are getting the sleep that they need, you will notice many positive changes in them. They are happy, healthier, more content, able to form memories and are less likely to have behavioral issues that those who are not getting adequate sleep. 

Another positive to a well-rested baby is you have the opportunity to be well-rested, too! You have heard it before, and I will say it again; when baby sleeps, take advantage and get a little nap, too! Just like babies, we perform better in our daily lives, and are healthier and happier in our own lives. 

Remember, there is nothing selfish about needing some alone time. Truly, this is where you become a better parent. You get some time to recoup. Get some energy back, fill your tank and now you can keep going for your little ones. The benefits are endless!

Fake Tears or Real Fears?

When going through sleep training (or as I like to call it, teaching independent sleeping skills) there will be times when you hear your baby crying and you will need to determine if it is because there is a change in the routine, and if so, that is normal to let them cry.

If there are times when baby is crying, it may be because they are scared, not feeling well, or even hungry. Getting to know your babies cry patterns will be beneficial during your sleep training. Of course, there are many different techniques that sleep consultants can use if the crying is too hard on you. We will walk you through our techniques so that you can mimic them when we are not with you. Keep in mind, when we are working on sleep training, we make sure that baby is awake and content when we lay them down. 


Choosing the Right One

Gut feelings are important in life, and we use them often when making big decisions. Choosing the right sleep consultant is one of the times when trusting your gut is important. 

You need to ensure that when choosing your sleep consultant, you are able to maintain consistency with the plan they set up for your baby. It’s also important that you are able to follow through without altering their schedules. Committing to a plan you can adapt to is important to ensuring the best outcome for your babies sleep schedule and staying on track until baby is able to sleep through the night. 

Every family has different needs, and your sleep consultant should be able to be flexible with yours. However, this is where that ‘consistency is key’ comes in. You need to fulfill your end of schedule if you want this to work for baby.  At Rocky Mountain Sleeping Baby, we strive to make sure you are happy with the plan we set forth, and we are excited to work with you and help get baby sleeping through the night, so you can too!

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