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Sounds like a catchy tune, one we all would like to be singing while on adventures with our little ones. Traveling with children takes a toll on all of us and while most often it is planned, and full of fun, it is also exhausting and there is a lot that can happen in a small amount of time. Sleep might not always make it to the top of the list, and we all know that lack of sleep can create a very fussy kiddo in the middle of an outing, or an overtired or overstimulated baby or toddler that has now decided that neither of you are getting sleep that night. 

Enter the SlumberPod™! A portable, private pod that is great for infants over 4 months through the preschool years. Similar to a pop-up tent, the SlumberPod™ folds up flat for storage and is compact enough to fit nicely in a suitcase, trunk or under the seat of the car. We are absolutely OBSESSED with this product! It is also small enough to fit inside of a carry-on suitcase if you do not want to check a bag, too! This can help your early morning waking baby obtain the sleep they need and may let you get a few extra ZZ’s yourself! 

With blackout capabilities it does fit nicely over a pack-n-play, pop-up crib, or even a play mat or flat blanket. It is also great for families traveling with children who will be sharing tight spaces such as a hotel room, cabin, RV, etc. You can also use it over a blow-up toddler cot that will fit perfectly underneath it. It may also be helpful for toddlers sharing a room who won’t sleep to have their own “space”. 

Keep in mind, this is not a replacement for a tent, and should not be used as one, or outside for any purpose. While the directions are great for assembly, if you are a visual learner, there are video tutorials on how to set up your SlumberPod™, there are great videos that show you step by step directions online, too!

While it is a new sleeping atmosphere for your little one, there may be an adjustment period. As always, we at Rocky Mountain Sleeping Baby are not only certified sleep consultants, we are also full of wonderful tips and tricks to help you both during this time if you are using the pod prior to using it outside of the home. You can also use a couple of these suggestions if there is no adjustment time in the home as well:

  • Create enthusiasm about their new pod by providing tasks for your kiddo to perform. This will give them a feeling of ownership about their pod, and feel as it is theirs and, most of all, fun and comforting to them. 
  • Let them help you put it together, and take it down, and be “in charge” of it. While it is not as easy for them do to alone, giving them a responsibility portion of it will help them feel acclimated and not afraid of it when they will be sleeping. If your little one is a baby make sure they are in the room for the set up and take down.
  • Pick out a lovey or a stuffed animal they love to join them in the pod (over 12 months.) Paint or print a picture they can “hang up” inside their pod with a piece of tape. This will remind them of their room and help relax them, too! Do take tis down if you find it becomes too distracting.
  • Play inside of it once it is put together and follow their lead. What about the pod is creating hesitancy? If it is too dark, give them a flashlight or a toy lantern with and automatic shut off to bring in it with them as a nightlight for when you travel. If your child is a baby they won’t be able to communicate these things. Just ensure all their needs are taken care of and realize it may take a night or two to adjust.
  • Set it up at home so they can see it, look at it, touch it etc. Resist the urge to have them sleep in it though. They likely won’t like it. They are sleeping at home, but in a new location. Try to save the sleeping portion for the new location. 

As you know, another factor we at Rocky Mountain Sleeping Baby are always focused on, is safety. The SlumberPod™ has many features that will reassure you that your child is safe while you are both asleep. The SlumberPod™ has passed all applicable consumer product safety tests and it has also been assessed for C02 re-breathing by an independent lab and physician. 

In addition to the safety features, there is also a SlumberPod™ fan created by airflow experts at ATDC at Georgia Institute of Technology that also doubles as a white noise. If your little one is used to a white noise machine while sleeping, it is one less thing to pack. When your child’s sleep space is fully enclosed the fan is safely tucked into a mesh pouch creating one extra layer of ventilation. Certain models might not come with the fan, though it is available to purchase and add to any older models that are not featured with it inside. The fan does not add any additional light. 

Another great feature is the clear, vinyl pouch that is attached to the SlumberPod ™ you can place a baby monitor in or use it to peek inside to check on your little one without waking them and maintains a blacked-out space for a peaceful slumber (this is my favorite feature.) 

For the technical specs of the SlumberPod™, here are some features if you need measurements: 

  • 50” long, 36” wide and 56” tall when assembled fully
  • One pair of sturdy aluminum shock cord poles
  • Fabric is breathable with 85% of it polyester and 15% spandex.
  • The travel bag folds down to 17”x5”x6”
  • Only weighs 5lbs.
  • Bottomless
  • Newer pods come with a ventilation fan that is sold as an addition for older units.
  • Caring for your Pod: Handwash or on delicate cycle cold, air dry only

As always, we at Rocky Mountain Sleeping Baby are happy to answer your questions; please feel free to call, email or comment below and we will get back to you. Refer to the SlumberPod™ website for warranty, technical help or questions regarding to setting up or taking down the pod. Parents, sleep consultants, certified sleep experts and more have had great things to say about the SlumberPod™ and the reviews speak for themselves. 

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