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Sleep Consulting in Kansas City, Missouri

It can be extremely challenging for parents when your young ones are unable to sleep through the entire night on their own. This can lead to poor sleep quality for the entire family while harming the child’s development process.

That is why we are here! We have helped many other parents in Kansas City with their babies and toddlers, always making sure to take a compassionate and realistic approach to get their sleep cycle on a healthy track.

Are you searching for a way to get your young one the best quality of sleep possible? Then keep reading to learn more about us and our mission.

Why Work with Darcey at Rocky Mountain Sleeping Baby?

Since you found this page, you have probably already spent a good amount of time researching your child’s sleeping problems. You might have read online articles, books, had chats with your parents and friends – but nothing seems to work.

As parents, we have been there too.

What we do differently is that we give you a tested process to solve your baby’s sleeping issues. We recognize that every child is different, so we will always work one-on-one with you to develop a plan that makes sense for them. We take into account their age, what specific issues are troubling them, even their personality – and then provide you with an efficient and effective plan!

Services that We Offer

The help we offer will be based on the age and needs of your young one. As newborns transition into infants and then on to toddlers, they experience a lot of changes that affect their sleep habits. This is why every age group requires a different tactic to develop their best sleep.

This is the basic structure that we follow while working with parents, we will give you:

  • An exploration phase where you fill out a questionnaire and we learn more about you, your child, your lifestyle, problems you’re experiencing, and more. This will be necessary to gain information on your child’s sleeping habits and problems.
  • A 90-minute meeting where we will give you some practices for helping your child sleep. This may include some bedtime routine ideas, nap schedules, or what you can do when your child wakes up during the night.
  • A fully customized sleep routine that includes all of the steps you need to take and what you can realistically expect to happen. This personalized, documented routine is important for you to notice results and keep you from giving up too early.
  • A daily sleep log with monitoring.
  • Three additional follow-up weeks of support that includes five emails and two phone calls from us.

You might also need to know that we help with multiples. Twins often come with their unique sleeping problems that can be difficult to overcome – and those issues need to be tackled immediately for the best results.

Other Ways We Can Help

We offer more services, so be sure to contact us if you are interested in any of the following:

  • Text message support. If you need more follow-up support after we design your child’s sleep plan, you can sign up for texting support. If you are struggling at night or need emotional support during the difficult moments, we are here to help you!
  • Overnight stays. Many people learn better when they are shown the correct way to do things, not just being told. During an overnight stay, we will go through the entire sleep routine with you and stay to help you if your child wakes up.
  • 30-minute consultations. If you need extra time for us to address your questions, then we would love to help you!

Baby Sleep Help by Darcey

Darcey at Rocky Mountain Sleeping Baby is a certified sleep consultant who can help with your baby’s sleep. Do not be afraid to reach out to us! We provide free 15-minute discovery calls where we can discuss your situation and talk about what would be the next best steps for you to take. 

Email us at rockymountainsleepingbaby@gmail.com, or fill out our quick contact form and we will be in touch as soon as possible.

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