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Sleeping Through the Night, and Other Common Questions

Sleeping Through the Night, and Other Common Questions As a certified sleep expert, one of the most common questions we see or are asked at Rocky Mountain Sleep Baby is “when will my baby start sleeping through the night?” If you are looking for this same answer and have been overwhelmed by the amount of

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Sleeping Child

Early Bedtime Benefits

Early Bedtime Benefits Most of the calls our certified sleep experts at Rocky Mountain Sleeping Baby receive, revolve around parents with children who are not getting the sleep they need by waking up through the night, waking up much earlier than their bodies need, or are incredibly fussy about bedtime and fighting sleep.  We are

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Baby Sleep Sacks

Are Sleep Sacks Necessary?

Wearable blankets, and sleep sacks; both comforting options for your baby. How do you know which one is right for you? Our certified sleep experts have broken down these products to help you gain insight on what might be right for your child.  So…what exactly are they!? If you are picturing your baby all snuggled

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Dream Feeding; What it is, and is it Right for your Baby?

  You are awake and reading that correctly. Rocky Mountain Sleeping Baby is sharing “Dream Feeding” and what exactly, it is.  As certified sleep experts, it is our job, and duty, to keep up to date on all of the latest, and sometimes not so great, trends that are circulating for new parents, and share

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Summertime Sleep Schedule; Adjusting Bed Times

  We all know that no matter what time we put our little ones down for bed, they will wake up at the same time, every morning. Unlike our alarm clocks, they do not come with snooze buttons. I have tried to snooze them by putting them into bed with me and pushing their sleep

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Sleep Safety and Sleep Training: Understanding SIDS

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) is one term that strikes fear into parents everywhere, whether you are about to lay down a newborn or have already spent a nervous night or two with your other children. As parents, sleep safety is one of the most important concerns we have. What is it? SIDS is the

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From Two to One; Nap Transitions

All Aboard the Snuggle Train Nap time is one of the greatest times of the day when you have a little one. It is either a time for you to catch much needed sleep and to eat, finally, or a time for you to have a little alone time. If you have older children, it

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Sharing Spaces; From the Womb to Sharing a Room

Sharing Spaces; From the Womb to Sharing a Room Growing up, I never had to share a room, though a lot of my friends did, and even with having a space all to myself, I was a little jealous of their bond, and the late-night conversations I was not a part of. I would listen

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image of mom with child staying calm

How To Be Calm And Collected As A Mom

Tough question to answer; do you struggle with how to be calm and collected and not yell at your kids?  If you are nodding yes, you are in good company. Because I will let you in on a little secret; I do too. We all lose our patience sometimes. Our kids push our buttons to

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denver baby sleep consultant

Daycare and Sleep Schedules

Before we delve into the world of day care, and all that it entails, as a Sleep Consultant in Denver and Kansas, and for many of you who have worked with me personally, please know that when it comes to daycare and sleep schedules, my approach as a sleep consultant, is “hands off.” I have

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