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Sleep Safety and Sleep Training: Understanding SIDS

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) is one term that strikes fear into parents everywhere, whether you are about to lay down a newborn or have already spent a nervous night or two with your other children. As parents, sleep safety is one of the most important concerns we have. What is it? SIDS is the

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Is Sleep Training a Mistake?

Sleep training. As parents, we do our best to make sure we are providing for our little ones and giving them the best opportunities available. We see these wonder parents on social media, and we wonder how we will ever measure up to them. Are we making mistakes? Are we really doing our best?  The

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Scared to Sleep: What are Nightmares and Night Terrors?

As parents, most often we get “me time” when our little ones are asleep for the night. Their sleep time is our chance to wind down and relax, and maybe watch something that doesn’t involve a catchy song that gets stuck in our head for hours. (I’m looking at you, Baby Shark!) Until we realize

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From Two to One; Nap Transitions

All Aboard the Snuggle Train Nap time is one of the greatest times of the day when you have a little one. It is either a time for you to catch much needed sleep and to eat, finally, or a time for you to have a little alone time. If you have older children, it

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Staying Consistent with Sleep Training

Baby Boot Camp: Sleep training should be prefaced with a sleep deprivation boot camp. When we are in the throughs of no sleep night after night, we would be well prepared. I have often thought if only we could bank some extra sleep from those naps, or mornings we had the luxury of sleeping in

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embracing consequences

Embracing Consequences

Have you ever witnessed another mom doing incredible things – all the while embracing consequences? I witness this quite often, though one recent memory stands out.  I was at a fast-food restaurant and decided to go inside as the drive through was notorious for forgetting something. I got in line behind a woman who if

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Daycare and Sleep Schedules

Before we delve into the world of day care, and all that it entails, as a Sleep Consultant in Denver and Kansas, and for many of you who have worked with me personally, please know that when it comes to daycare and sleep schedules, my approach as a sleep consultant, is “hands off.” I have

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Attachment Parenting

Trying to sway an opinion when it comes to our parenting method – in this case, attachment parenting – is about as easy as getting a two year old to simultaneously eat their vegetables, use the potty and sleep through the night without an issue. While that is a dream scenario for any parent, it

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Infant Snoring; Safe for My Baby?

The little snort here and there. The sweet little nose whistle. The consolation of the snore reassuring us they are getting great sleep. Infant snoring is so adorable, right? Wrong.  Unfortunately, they are not so adorable. You are not alone in this, I used to think so, too, and I am a professional sleep authoritarian. 

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