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Picky Eater

Helping Your Picky Eater

Before becoming a parent, you may have pictured one day sitting at a table with your family, enjoying a meal you prepared, smiling and talking about your day.   For many parents, mealtime isn’t so picturesque. Parents who have to navigate picky eaters can experience a lot of stress and not know where to start with

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Sleeping with a lovey

Sleeping With A Lovey

Many parents wonder if and when they should introduce a lovey to their little one.  A lovey is a small comfort item that is often used to help children self-soothe. Stuffed animals and small blankets are the most common options for a lovey.  

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Discover the role of sleep props in your child's sleep routine and learn how they can either help or hinder healthy sleep patterns. Find tips for identifying when sleep props are becoming problematic and explore helpful alternatives for promoting restful sleep.

Sleep Props – What Are They?

If your child is experiencing a struggle falling asleep or staying asleep it can do with a dependency on sleep props.   What are sleep props?  They are anything that are used to help your baby fall asleep.  This can be an activity like rocking, bouncing, feeding, etc. It can be items like a pacifier, swaddle,

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Kid in a wheat field in the summer

Summer Activities and Sleep Training

Ah, summer. The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, and the kids are out of school. For busy parents, this can be a time of both excitement and dread. Excitement for all the fun summer activities you can do with your little ones, and dread for the inevitable sleep training that must take place.

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Malatonin and kids, child sleeping hugging bear

Let’s Talk About Melatonin

Every parent has heard another parent casually recommend giving melatonin to their child to help them fall asleep.  Some parents use it on a regular basis and others may have used it once for something like an airplane ride. For many parents, they wonder how safe it is to take melatonin since it is a natural product.  There are many factors that play into if melatonin is appropriate to introduce to a child.  

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Sleeping baby on hammock

What To Do When You Don’t Stick To Your Child’s Sleep Schedule

Getting your child on a sleep schedule is a process that includes a lot of effort and time. Parents are understandably defensive of sticking to the schedule that they have invested so much into creating.  Sometimes our plans for the day get derailed unexpectedly.  Other times, we go into days knowing we can’t stick to our schedule if we want to take part in plans we can’t control.  Once you have a solid foundation in place with your child sleeping, you can become more flexible.  You have to think about the long game with sleep training.  

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Night feedings

Night Feedings

Having a baby is exhausting in many ways.  Parents find themselves daydreaming about sleeping through the night pretty much starting the day their baby enters into the world.  

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