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Introducing a Newborn to a Toddler 

As many of you know, Kandra, the owner of Rocky Mountain Sleeping Baby is also the proud mother of two beautiful children. When she was pregnant with her second child, Kandra often worried about how to introduce the newborn to her toddler, and what the reception would be. As a guest writer for this blog,

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How to Swaddle a Baby

Should you swaddle your newborn?  Such a great question! Let’s start with the basics.  First things first, what is swaddling, and why is so popular? Swaddling a baby has been around for hundreds of years and has seen a resurgence in popularity over the last twenty years.  Swaddling is beneficial to your baby’s physical and

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Baby standing in crib - Cribs; The Safety Edition

Cribs; The Safety Edition

Let’s talk about the history of the crib for a moment. “High-sided” or “Infant-beds” were first invented in 1620 to keep a baby contained in a small space. The crib, as it became known, was first made from a hollowed-out tree trunk or log.   Through the years, improvements were made such as adding a sidewall

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Roommates; Cohabitating with your Little One

Sharing your room with your little, aka room-share one can happen for a variety of reasons. You may not have enough space to create a bedroom for them, or you may have an older sibling who is distracted by the baby, or you may just want to bond with your baby. The American Academy of

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Helpful Tips to Improve Babies’ Sleep

As we gear up toward spring and summer, we know that with warmer weather we also welcome a busier schedule. For our babies and toddlers, it is a wonderful opportunity to get them outside to play at a park, swim at the local pool, go on picnics, go to the zoo, and many more fun

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Sleep Regression

What is A Sleep Regression? A sleep regression is when a baby or a toddler who normally is a great sleeper suddenly is unable to fall asleep easily, awakens with a bad dream or nightmare, fights nap or bedtime, or does anything they can to stay awake, becoming cranky, overtired and irritable.  Sleep regression typically

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Multipiles Sleeping

Managing Naps with Multiples

Managing naps with one child can be a challenge as you navigate the right time, creating the right space, and ensuring repetitive nap schedules are on target. Adding one or more nap times, and often at different times or durations can create a new challenge that may need creative solutions.  Never fear, the certified sleep

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A Parent’s Guide to Patterns

As you are aware, we at Rocky Mountain Sleeping Baby are committed to providing guidance and support to parents everywhere to establish positive sleeping habits from the time baby is brought home, through their toddler years, setting them up for a lifetime of healthy sleep patterns.  We suggest working with a pattern of “eating, play,

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The Secret to Sleeping Through the Night

As new parents or even seasoned parents with a child who prefers to burn the midnight oil, we all want to know what the sacred secret of getting our child to sleep through the night, is. Unfortunately, despite the advice from well-meaning friends and family, there really is no magical formula to make this a

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Daylight Savings and Sleep Schedules

Along with trying to remember how to set your oven and car clocks back an hour, we also have to deal with not only our disrupted schedules but our little ones who finally are on a good sleep cycle and sleeping soundly through the night.  Everyone should get a big pardon the week that we

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