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Night feedings

Night Feedings

Having a baby is exhausting in many ways.  Parents find themselves daydreaming about sleeping through the night pretty much starting the day their baby enters into the world.  

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Child and development

Sleep Regression in Relation to Developmental Growth

There isn’t a single parent in the world whose baby hasn’t experienced sleep regression.  We all know a parent (or have been the parent) who has desperately turned to google to try to figure out why it is happening, when will it end and when to anticipate it being an issue again.  Let’s dive into

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Dad with child reading book

Is Your Baby Truly Falling Asleep On Their Own?

When talking to new clients, we ask questions about their current nap and bedtime experiences.  The insight we gain from these conversations helps us know what practices need to be addressed and implemented. There is one situation that seems to be very common, the drowsy but not asleep child.  Parents often think they are putting

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Parents with baby

Working With Rocky Mountain Sleeping Baby Might NOT Be Right For You

Whatever your parenting style may look like, the term “sleep training” can be intimidating.  For some, they imagine babies crying in a dark room all alone and what parent likes the thought of that. Our goal at RMSB is to help you guide your children into a peaceful bedtime and healthy sleeping routines. You may not be ready to work with a sleep consultant and that is completely ok.  Let us help you figure out if you’re ready or not!

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Sleeping child

A Rested Family is a Thriving Family

We know how hard it is for parents to get their kids to sleep and how wonderful it is when they finally do! We’ve helped thousands of families, just like yours, get their kids sleeping well. We believe that sleep is your family’s most valuable resource – so work with us and improve the quality

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crib in room

The First Week Home With Your Newborn

Whether it is your first time bringing a baby home with you from the hospital or you have done it before, it is always nerve racking.  You are probably overwhelmed with emotions, exhaustion, and often times questions.   You have this amazing support network when you are in the hospital.  Leaving that environment can feel like

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Sleep Around The Holidays

Sleep Around The Holidays 

This is one of the most dreaded parts of the holiday season.  We go into it knowing that our children’s sleep schedules will be affected.  Eating habits tend to change, there’s constant stimulation from activities and festivities, and visiting with family can bring out new behavior. Honestly, this list could go on for a while. 

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White Noise

White Noise Machine – A Must Have

Every new parent wonders what baby products they absolutely need versus what may just be nice to have. The baby product market is flooded with tried and true items as well new novelty items. You will see a handful of items on every baby registry though and white noise machines are one of those items!

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