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Put Thumb and Finger Sucking To A Rest

It’s an honor to be able to comfort your little one in a time of distress.  Most parents eventually get to a point though where they would like for their little one to start to learn how to self-soothe.  Different parents have different opinions on when and how this transition should take place.  Whatever works

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Picky Eater

Helping Your Picky Eater

Before becoming a parent, you may have pictured one day sitting at a table with your family, enjoying a meal you prepared, smiling and talking about your day.   For many parents, mealtime isn’t so picturesque. Parents who have to navigate picky eaters can experience a lot of stress and not know where to start with

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Sleeping with a lovey

Sleeping With A Lovey

Many parents wonder if and when they should introduce a lovey to their little one.  A lovey is a small comfort item that is often used to help children self-soothe. Stuffed animals and small blankets are the most common options for a lovey.  

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Sleep training and potty training

Potty Training and Sleep

Your toddler’s potty training will absolutely affect their sleep. If you go into this transition period informed, you can lessin the sleepless nights.   The Potty Training Timeline When you start potty training, it is a good idea to start by only focusing on daytime.  Use a pull up at night time so that your child

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Discover the role of sleep props in your child's sleep routine and learn how they can either help or hinder healthy sleep patterns. Find tips for identifying when sleep props are becoming problematic and explore helpful alternatives for promoting restful sleep.

Sleep Props – What Are They?

If your child is experiencing a struggle falling asleep or staying asleep it can do with a dependency on sleep props.   What are sleep props?  They are anything that are used to help your baby fall asleep.  This can be an activity like rocking, bouncing, feeding, etc. It can be items like a pacifier, swaddle,

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No longer using a bedtime bottle

No Longer Using A Bedtime Bottle

When your little one is on a liquid diet at the beginning of their life, they need a bedtime nursing or bottle to help fill them up. This pre-bedtime feeding helps ensure that they are full and can sleep longer stretches.  Their needs will change as you start introducing solid foods.  Eventually, they will get

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