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Night Terrors: Is There a Monster Under My bed?

Night Terrors: Is There a Monster Under My bed?

As our children become toddlers, they also become adjusted to their environment, and how their space becomes their own. Ownership over space can build confidence and responsibility, however, it can also start abstract thinking. Abstract thinking is when your toddler begins to mimic actions, use symbols to visualize an action, or mime an action when

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Traveling with kids

Traveling with Tots; Jet Lag

Traveling itself can be a feat as it is. Adding a baby, or toddler, or one of each to the mix, brings it to an entirely new level. Before you embark on this adventure, our certified sleep experts at Rocky Mountain Sleeping Baby have compiled our best tips for traveling with babies and toddlers. Learning

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Toddlers running

Introducing a Newborn to a Toddler 

As many of you know, Kandra, the owner of Rocky Mountain Sleeping Baby is also the proud mother of two beautiful children. When she was pregnant with her second child, Kandra often worried about how to introduce the newborn to her toddler, and what the reception would be. As a guest writer for this blog,

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swaddled baby

How to Swaddle a Baby

Should you swaddle your newborn?  Such a great question! Let’s start with the basics.  First things first, what is swaddling, and why is so popular? Swaddling a baby has been around for hundreds of years and has seen a resurgence in popularity over the last twenty years.  Swaddling is beneficial to your baby’s physical and

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Baby standing in crib - Cribs; The Safety Edition

Cribs; The Safety Edition

Let’s talk about the history of the crib for a moment. “High-sided” or “Infant-beds” were first invented in 1620 to keep a baby contained in a small space. The crib, as it became known, was first made from a hollowed-out tree trunk or log.   Through the years, improvements were made such as adding a sidewall

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Baby sleeping in crib

Roommates; Cohabitating with your Little One

Sharing your room with your little, aka room-share one can happen for a variety of reasons. You may not have enough space to create a bedroom for them, or you may have an older sibling who is distracted by the baby, or you may just want to bond with your baby. The American Academy of

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toddler sleeping toes under covers

Helpful Tips to Improve Babies’ Sleep

As we gear up toward spring and summer, we know that with warmer weather we also welcome a busier schedule. For our babies and toddlers, it is a wonderful opportunity to get them outside to play at a park, swim at the local pool, go on picnics, go to the zoo, and many more fun

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Sleeping toddler

Sleep Regression

What is A Sleep Regression? A sleep regression is when a baby or a toddler who normally is a great sleeper suddenly is unable to fall asleep easily, awakens with a bad dream or nightmare, fights nap or bedtime, or does anything they can to stay awake, becoming cranky, overtired and irritable.  Sleep regression typically

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daylight savings blog photo

Spring Forward

On Sunday, March 13th, our clocks will change! This time we are moving forward by 1 hour. Whenever the time changes my current and past clients tend to panic. Don’t fret though. This time change is generally in your favor. Remember the fallback time change before you were a parent. Ah, that blissful extra hour

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Maintaining Milk Supply

Breastfeeding is one of the greatest gifts you can provide your child, if you are able to, or choose to do so. We at Rocky Mountain Sleeping Baby know the sacrifices you make to provide breastmilk to your baby whether it’s pumping in a closet at work, dealing with engorged breasts (and painful ones at

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