0-3 Months

You are craving structure and routine, I get it! Right now your baby is still quite young. I like to look at their days based on a wake times. A more set schedule will occur in the coming months!

Wake up – 6-9am

45-60 minutes – Begin Nap 1 

45-60 minutes hours after wake-up from Nap 1 – Begin Nap 2 

45-60 minutes after wake-up from Nap 2 – Begin Nap 3 

45-60 minutes after wake-up from Nap 3 – Begin Nap 4 

45-60 minutes after wake-up from Nap 4 – Possible Nap 5 

Bedtime: 6-9pm 

Daytime sleep: 5-7 hours

Nighttime sleep: 11-12 hours

Download your PDF schedule here!

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